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Jeez. This one.
This one just might be the best book of the series so far.


"I'm still in love with Ren . . . Right now . . . this wind blowing through our hair . . . it's the same breeze. It's a small thing . . . but it's precious to me. Even if Ren has Mayuka . . . even if I'm not supposed to try . . . even if I love him more and more, and suffer more too . . . my love won't disappear. It won't . . . disappear . . .? That's not true. It's not that it WON'T disappear. I don't WANT it to disappear.

You know . . . one of my friends that I said I didn't love in "that way" anymore said to me, "True, genuine feelings never change." He kept telling me he still cared about me. And I don't feel that way for him, I don't . . . but I know I DID.

I talked to the one I love about that same thing and he said, "No, Theresa. That's not true."
And it's not.

......It's hard to explain.

But ANYWAY, this one touched my heart. SHOT IT RIGHT THROUGH WITH A SPEAR.
This one was tear-jerking, it was.

JEEZ, here's a huge spoiler. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!!!

Alright, so what got me angry the most is exactly how Mayuka thought.
So here's how her love story went.
She fell for a guy.
She started to think that he would leave him because she wasn't good enough (WHICH WASN'T TRUE. Ren was the most loyal freaking guy you could find in a manga, even if he did start to grow feelings for somebody else.).
So she became a model.
And Theresa hates shallow . . . . . . (*poses in threatening, super scary karate pose)
Then she starts putting her JOB . . . as a MODEL . . . in front of her own boyfriend.

What is wrong with you, girlfriend?! You'd choose a freaking modeling job over a BOYFRIEND?! HEY, there are millions of models out in the world, but ONLY ONE OF YOUR BOYFRIEND.


And that must have hurt Ren. COMPLETELY. ABSOLUTELY.
How could you think someone would leave you, and then you end up leaving them YOURSELVES? You freaking . . . you . . . . . . (*rage).

She lost him. FINE. YOU DIDN'T DESERVE HIM ANYWAY!!! (Sorry, she just . . . . . *sniffle* she just made me so angry. She's just a character but . . . how can a character make you feel THIS MUCH?)


But I love Ninako, for the way she loves. That's what love is.
It doesn't look for anything for itself.
It depends on their happiness.
Even though it can make you suffer, it can make you happy.
And as long as they're happy . . . you're happy.
I know how that feels. I do. It does hurt, it does. It makes you feel all these different, crazy emotions, but still . . . . . still . . . . . .
The person is worth it. They are. AND YOU SHOULD LET THEM KNOW THAT!

AS OF DECEMBER 31, 2011-JANUARY 1, 2013
*rated 5 stars*


This book . . . this book . . . this book . . . this book . . .


Well...I didn't exactly cry but seriously, what happened in this book was something I experienced brought back memories!
But the way the manga placed out events and feelings that I've experienced is AMAZING.

I've never read something that understood my feelings the way this manga did.
Sometimes authors put what they experienced into their stories so that they can describe them better (because they know EXACTLY how it feels).
If that's the case here...I wonder what Io-san has been through...

Anyway, the love lesson in THIS BOOK is important!! My first review of the year 2012 shall be . . .

And am I the first to type a review on this book? I wonder . . .

But anyway...the lesson is really important. (Err--or should I say LESSONS <-emphasis on the S!)

1. When you love someone, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard when you try to stop. See, when your mind makes these kinds of decisions, it's hard to change them! (Which is pretty ironic when you can't change YOUR OWN mind...)
I knew this before I read this volume. I know what it feels like when you try to change your mind and choose who you like.
It's hard. It's really really really hard, not to mention torturing.
Especially when the person you like has a girlfriend.

Oh, that brings me to the next lesson.

2. It's hard to love selflessly if you do not want to hurt or steal from anyone.
I mean now a days, at my high school, when some chick likes another dude that already has a girlfriend, that girl will try to STEAL HIM AWAY while only thinking of herself. And as tricky as stealing the guy away might seem, it is much easier than refraining yourself so that the person you love will be left alone with their girlfriend.
Selflessness requires a lot of effort!
And the feeling that you have in the pit of your stomach that will tell you that you want the person you like is definitely there!
And it's also hard to make that part of you go away...

3. Let's say you're away from the person you love for a long time, right? Maybe...winter break--just like Ninako in this volume. Or spring break. Or summer. Or Weekends. Or their absence in school. Y'know, when they're not there in front of your eyes.
Well I dunno about you but when that happens, I just tell myself, "It's okay! You're over him! You don't like him anymore!"
And it usually works because forgetting him IS a possibility.
But when you lay eyes on that person again, all of your feelings just jump right back into place as if they never left.

I mean don't get me wrong. Sometimes when they're absent to the eyes, you do still think about them.
But I had friends during my winter breaks and spring breaks and summer breaks, and weekends, and absences of the dude...they helped me.
They were my friends!

Forgetting someone really depends on how much you like them. If you just stay away with them out of sight for a long period of time, you might feel that you're over them. But when you see them again--even after months and months and months, that feeling just comes back and

I had that happen to me just a couple of Thursdays ago! I was away from this guy for months and months and months and I haven't heard or seen him or anything.
And when I go to a school concert for my middle school, I see him, and then my stomach just got all queasy.
That's just what happens if you see them.
BUUUUUUUT when I saw him, he changed a lot. It was like I didn't see the same person, y'know? So I didn't get the full impact like Ninako did. It's like the person I knew him to be was...gone...FO-EVAAAA!

But you get my point, right?

4. Just like lesson number 3, when you see someone, you get a feeling returned right?
But lets say that person did something horrible to you.
Andou is our example for the lesson that was taught in this volume!
When he saw his ex-girlfriend (the one that used him and tricked him and deceived him), he felt the same hurt that he felt before.
See, when you're gone from someone and then you see them again, your feelings sort of return, right? Andou's case is different...but yeah, the pain of the jerkiness of his ex-girlfriend came back to him.
And he definitely did not forget what his ex-girlfriend did because she was important to him.

YOU DON'T FORGET THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU!!! Besides, if you try to forget them, it goes back to lesson one where it's REALLY REALLY HARD TO FORGET SOMETHING/SOMEBODY!!

Anyway, for all these extremely valuable lessons, this volume gets 5 sparkly sparkly stars.

But the ending was just............jaw-dropping.
Especially when this ending will spoil so. so. so much if it was spoiled.

Okay. So through the first four volumes, the relationship with Ren and Mayuka looked like it was going to last FO-EVA.
Especially how in volume 4, Mayuka was clinging onto the dude when Ren and Ninako both noticed the scent of winter.
And how Ren was always telling Mayuka that he's always there for her.

Why was he doing this?
Well, because in Volume...2, I believe...or 3...there was the story of how Mayuka and Ren met. As they got older, Mayuka noticed that Ren was also getting older and taller than she was, and she was thinking that he'll probably sprout wings and fly away from her (IN A FIGURATIVE SENSE!!!)

That's extremely ironic. In fact, that gives me the feeling of smacking Mayuka for doing that to Ren!
She tells him she's afraid that he might go away, but SHE'S THE ONE WHO GOES AWAY!

And for what?
For her work! Her modeling job.
I mean I'm sort of glad that she broke up with Ren and had not stayed with him while she valued something else, but still.
A job over love? A JOB.
Maybe I misunderstand because I've never had a job more important to someone I love or anything like that. There's got to be a lesson in why Mayuka gave up Ren for something like that, right?

But the thing was that Mayuka KNEW Ren had feelings for Ninako. So I'm glad that Mayuka gave him a chance to go after Ninako.
She says that she changed...jeez, I guess changing in a relationship is risky.
Ayaaaaa~h. I love this story.

But...just know that in real life, the person you love won't always have the chance where their girlfriend breaks up with them. Ninako's situations just got specific (in this case).

But there are times when you love someone and that person has a girlfriend (or a boyfriend...) and they actually LOVE each other.
I think Io-san will reveal THIS LESSON with Andou.

Or who knows. Maybe Ninako will fall for Andou and it's Ren who will endure this life lesson.

Either way, you get a life lesson.


I love this manga.

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Ebook Strobe Edge Vol. 5 read Online! Io Sakisaka (咲坂伊緒) is a Japanese manga artist. She also designed the characters for the anime movie HAL. Her works are:

-Call My Name 2001
-Watashi no Koibito 2002
-Bye-Bye, Little 2002
-Blue 2006
-Mascara Blues 2007
-Strobe Edge 2007
-Ao Haru Ride 2011
-Sono Omokage o Shitteru 2013

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